Saturday, March 12, 2011


Talk of fighting “bullying” has been popular of late. Of course, the “anti-bullying” jihad is just a front to silence opposition to the left. And the fact that the Right is willing to indulge the left in the idea that “bullying” needs some kind of national cooperation to confront and defeat shows just how much the left controls the language/debate, and how the Right can’t break free of this grip even as it says it realizes the left controls things.

The proper response of the Right to the left’s “anti-bullying” campaign should be (a) to identify what it really is and then (b) to reiterate that if our culture hadn’t feminized and PC-d the nation, we would still teach our kids that the proper way to deal with true bullying goes something like this (from Lars Anderson’s book, Carlisle vs. Army - Random House, 2008; pp 19-20):

. . . The other boys laughed while the schoolyard bully jumped up and down on the cap, expecting Butter [Glenn “Pop” Warner] to melt in the face of the challenge and slink away like he always did. But as suddenly as a shift in the wind, Warner’s comportment stiffened. . . .

. . . With a crowd of boys watching, Warner balled his fists and swung wildly at the classmate who had tossed his hat into the puddle. Butter was only ten years old, but years later he would recall this moment as a significant one in his life, as the day he learned that he could assert his will on others. . . .
But the Right won’t give this response. As much as it loves to complain about the left and all the wrongs the left truly is guilty of, the Right doesn’t like to take the necessary responses to changing things for the better. And it loves to join in the beat down of anyone who does.

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