Saturday, March 12, 2011

Communists Defined

One of the things I’ve long said about communists and free market advocates is that they both enjoy making money. However, the difference between the two is that free market advocates think that everyone ought to be able to earn as much as he can honestly make while the communists believe that only they should have wealth—everyone else should be equally poor.

Arianna Huffington and Michael Moore brought this thought back to the fore of my mind with their latest shenanigans that made the news.

Huffington and Moore are both notorious leftists and as such regularly decry the free market and all things good in general—even as they both live multi-million dollar lives. However, recent stories involving them should have finally discredited them with any rational-thinking person.

Huffington sold The Huffington Post to AOL recently and she made off with millions. Meanwhile, the many writers whom she did not pay and whom got none of the proceeds from the sale are irate, even threatening to strike. Huffington responded to such a threat by, apparently, mocking them. (Furthermore, her sale to AOL is causing AOL to layoff people!) How funny is this? Leftists regularly portray themselves as defenders of the “little guy”—champions of the “rights of the worker”—and yet here we have a leftist showing her true colors, using “slave labor,” ignoring the “rights of her workers,” mocking those same workers when they threaten to strike for a “living wage” (actually, any wage at all), and causing unemployment with her “corporate greed.”

Meanwhile, Moore is in the news trying to perform damage control for when he was exposed as refusing to use unions on his films and when he refused to give his employees health care and other “benefits” That’s right, a leftist who regularly clamors about the free market “denying” people union “rights” and health care “rights” didn’t give them to his own employees until someone brought it to light.

But I really don’t blame Huffington and Moore for all their idiocy and hypocrisy; I blame the people that support them. If the American People who buy into their nonsense would open their eyes and see them for who they really are, then they would have none of their riches much less their influence. As it stands now, the American People will deserve what eventually comes our way from following the anti-free-market, anti-freedom ideas that these morons continually advocate and bring about.

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