Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some People Get It

I ran across, “Russia Unleashes ‘Black Hawk’ Vigilantes Against Caucasus Terrorists” at Big Peace and the first paragraph immediately caught my eye:

The conflict in the North Caucasus (Russia’s mostly Muslim southern provinces) has taken a dangerous turn, as a group of grass-root vigilantes threaten, with apparent Kremlin approval, to retaliate against the families of suspected terrorists.

The author clearly doesn’t like the idea of the Black Hawks (if true—I’ve found reporting coming out of or about Russia to be sketchy), going so far as to call them vigilantes. (By the way, if the government is in anyway approving of the Black Hawks, doesn’t that by definition eliminate them from being vigilantes? Unpaid mercenaries, maybe, but even that’s a stretch. After all, doesn’t our own Constitution allow for the government to issue Letters of Marques to ordinary citizenry when appropriate?)

The author also seems sympathetic to Islam, going so far as to say that, “Wahhabism is the hard-line sect of Islam adopted by jihadists who distort Islam to justify terrorism.” This is simply a repetition of the Muslim apologist’s notion that Islam really is a “Religion of Peace” and that all the Islamic jihad that’s happened for the past decades and centuries has been conducted by “hijackers” of Islam. Nothing like denial.

The commenters on the article seemed to have a much clearer mindset. They realize that rational people might actually be happy to see someone fighting back against their attackers as needs done: brutally and with a will to win.

But perhaps the article's author doesn’t realize this is a war of civilizations, and that the jihadists want nothing less than the annihilation of the West and then the rest of the world. Maybe he doesn’t realize that the Muslims regularly make killing civilians—men, women, and children—a part of their jihad on humanity, and that only an overwhelming and completely destructive response will stop them.

Even still, there's no excuse for such ignorance or, frankly, such hostility towards the Russians who might just be getting fed up with being slaughtered and terrorized. I can only hope that someday the rest of the world wakes up and also realizes that there is nothing honorable or humane about surrendering to an enemy intent on our destruction.

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