Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Know Your Role, Know Your Place

My second Big Peace commentary, "Know Your Role, Know Your Place," posted on April 17.

To Be a Leftist Is to Be a Bully

The third part of my series on the "bullying" myth the left has been pushing posted at Champion News on April 17.

Why Not Go to War with Mexico Instead of Libya?

Big Peace and Big Government have taken me on as a contributor. My first piece, "Why Not Go to War with Mexico Instead of Libya?" posted at Big Peace on April 17.

The Real Birthers

WND published a commentary I wrote, "The real birthers," as an exclusive on April 15. The editors at WND made one significant edit to what I submitted. I have no problem with the edit since they have a right to do so, just as editors at newspapers used to do when people submitted letters-to-the-editor. You can read the entire commentary at WND but I'm going to reprint the first paragraph here--with the inclusion of the sentence the WND editors removed ("The question of where he was born is irrelevant at this point."). I'm reprinting my original paragraph here because I think it changes the tone of the entire commentary.

There really shouldn’t be any controversy with saying that the president of the United States should demonstrate that he is eligible to hold office. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any debate over whether President Obama need provide his original, long-form birth certificate. The question of where he was born is irrelevant at this point. I had to provide my birth certificate when I enlisted in the Army. I provided it when applying for a driver’s license. And everyone else can name instances where they have had to provide their birth certificate as well. Is the Army an irrational birther institution? Is the DMV? What about any other institution that requires a birth certificate? No. In fact, such questions would have been deemed irrational prior to President Obama. So it seems ridiculous to mock those who now want the president to provide this simple piece of documentation. Nevertheless, let’s accept for the moment that asking for birth verification is the height of irrationality . . . and from this point we will see who the true birthers are.

Friday, April 8, 2011

In defense of Pastor Terry Jones

Why is it okay to burn Bibles and otherwise desecrate Christianity but not okay to burn the Koran? That's the question I explore in my latest column, "In defense of Pastor Terry Jones," which WND exclusively published. One of the conclusions I made was that:

"Conservatives must stop insisting on "winning the hearts and minds" of Muslims, and stop insisting on trying not to "alienate" the left. If Muslims and leftists want war, then we should stand up to them. Our Founding Fathers didn't value "peace" above all else, and the Americans who fought in the War Between the States didn't either. The failure of the conservative movement and U.S. at large to recognize this means that they are losing my heart and mind and alienating me."
You can read the entire column at WND.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Voters Are the Problem

I understand why people complain about politicians. However, the People elect those politicians so, ultimately, voters are the problem (assuming that elections are fair). Thomas Sowell may have said it best when he wrote in his "Measuring Force" column:

"Many people on various parts of the political spectrum are expressing a sense of disappointment with Obama. But I have not felt the least bit disappointed.

Once in office, President Obama has done exactly what his whole history would lead you to expect him to do — such as cutting the military budget and vastly expanding the welfare state. . . .

. . . Disappointing? No. Disgusting? Yes. The only disappointment is with voters who voted their hopes and ignored his realities."

Friday, April 1, 2011

Why Wouldn’t Kaddafi Cling to Power?

(* Note: I am posting this entry on behalf of John. -- Paul)

Why Wouldn’t Kaddafi Cling to Power?
by John
Let’s be honest and ask ourselves why we’re spending hundreds of millions of dollars to blast Kaddafi into behaving. Beyond the fact that warfare is a horrible thing for anyone to be subjected to, and it’s sad where ever it happens, what is our interest? President Obama recently said that it was to ensure that, “people aren’t butchered because of a dictator who wants to cling to power.”
Why is it our problem? We didn’t stop Stalin. We didn’t stop Pol Pot or Chairman Mao. Why should we be concerned which group of nut buckets runs Libya? Surely whoever takes control in Libya is not suddenly going to be our buddy. Grow up! Almost every American, whether he will admit it aloud or not, resents this war. Forget the hypocrisy of the politicians, the waste of our taxes alone has Americans unhappy about this North African adventure. At $1.2 million a copy, the first night of cruise missile launches alone set us back over $120 million. There is no gain for us, and the virtue of pulverizing one group of people who hates us to benefit another group of people who hate us is lost on me.

We're Supposed to Find Common Ground with This?

The Tea Party represents a large portion of the American population, and yet Harry Reid--the Democratic Senate Majority Leader--speaks of this large portion of America with absolute contempt:

"Fifty percent of the American people don't want anything to do with the Tea Party,” explained Reid. “Only a small percentage identify with the Tea Party. And the interesting thing, and I think the important thing to the country, is that the Tea Party's unpopularity continues to grow because the American people see how unreasonable they are.”
And if reading this latest example of what the Democratic Party thinks of freedom-loving Americans doesn't anger you enough, compare and contrast it with the way the Democrats treat and speak of Islamic terrorists and other enemies of America. I have no common ground with Reid, the Democrats, or any other leftist.