Sunday, December 18, 2011

Spanking Your Children versus Mutilating Them for Life

I excerpt the following from my, “Bill Ayers and Occupy Harrisburg: Debate Is Done,” published on December 16, 2011:
And perhaps nothing better defines the wickedness of where the American People now are than the fact that the same government that will punish you for spanking your children and take your children away from you because they are too fat, will at the same time allow you to keep your children if you begin injecting your son with male-blocking hormones and allow him to “live as a girl,” all the while you look forward to the day when you can inject him with female hormones and cut off his perfectly healthy genitals to replace them with a pseudo-vagina so that you can complete your mutilation of him. Indeed, not only will the government not take your children away from you for doing this, it will actively encourage you to do this.

Eating Feces versus Drinking Chocolate Milk

I excerpt the following from my, “Bill Ayers and Occupy Harrisburg: Debate Is Done,” published on December 16, 2011:

After I read, “Recommended New York sex ed site offers middleschoolers tips on eating feces, bestiality, fetishes,” from LifeSiteNews, I realized that we have crossed the point-of-no-return. We now live in a society where we believe that we can’t stop children from having sex—that we can’t even stop them from eating feces—and therefore we must provide them with “resources” so they know what they are doing and so they can know the “safest” practices. We don’t necessarily recommend eating feces, of course (why, that would just be extreme) but we have surrendered on the idea that we can prevent it. At the same time, our nation is on a war to end “obesity” and to keep kids (and everyone else) from eating the “wrong” foods. In other words, while we don’t believe that we can stop kids from having sex and eating feces, we believe that we can eventually stop them from eating too much salt, or drinking chocolate milk at all, or from eating Happy Meals entirely—because these are all such dangerous things that we MUST and CAN eliminate them.

Blog Title Change

This blog was created with the title, "Recreate the Republic," with the intention of it being a blog where Servicemen would post writings on various subjects. As of today (December 18, 2011), the blog title is changed to, "Acceptable Versus Unacceptable," with the focus of the blog being on documenting what modern society considers good versus what it considers evil.