Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hispanic vs. White Hispanic and Black vs. White Black

La Raza and other leftist racists have thrown George Zimmerman under the bus, claiming that he is either a “white Hispanic” or questioning his Hispanic ethnicity entirely since he has white blood. Very well. If this is the new PC rule, then from now on I want it applied to anyone of mixed blood. For example, if someone is half black and half white, I want him referred to as a “white black” or “white African-American.” Anyone who doesn’t will immediately be attacked as a non-PC racist. Now, if I only could think of some prominent or famous person who is half black and half white . . .

Emasculating Men vs. Being a Man

Courtesy of the Daily Mail and Time magazine (via National Review Online) we learn that it is acceptable to emasculate men.

The Daily Mail gushes about the Chinese man who mutilated himself into a parody of a woman, and how he has become a cultural icon after his mutilation.

And National Review Online comments on the same Time magazine edition I saw the other day—the one with the cover boasting that, “Women are overtaking men as America’s breadwinners. Why that’s good for everyone”.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail churns out a story about the “outrage” over a guy who would dare to say that he’s sick of all the female comedies that have flooded the market.

So the rules of society now say: Emasculating men is a good thing; being a man is bad.