Friday, March 29, 2013

Supporting Morality vs. Bullying Kids on Gun Control

Supporting morality means that society deems you “evil” and a “bully,” and that you don’t even deserve a place in the public sphere (since your very existence and support for morality causes lethal stress for sodomites).

At the same time, one has an obligation to demonize the Second Amendment and instill in everyone a deathly fear of all firearms. This obligation is so great that we even insist that our adults bully children about it and suggest that they are mentally ill if they do not relent to our bullying.

“Birthers” vs. Torture “Truthers

The Daily Caller published a post by Matt Lewis in which he mocks Pamela Geller as a so-called birther.

Yet on the very same date, The Daily Caller published a post by a libertarian praised two people who leaked classified information, and who railed against the CIA “torturing” our enemies.

Apparently The Daily Caller has no problems with “torture truthers.”